TAO project page


The main intention behind the TAO Project is to provide practical materials for teachers of mature adult learners 50+.

Why TAO?

Mature adult learners are an important and growing social group in non-formal education in Europe. Some of them want to continue learning to stay active, others are forced to take up learning in order to stay on the job market. Both groups need digital skills which allow them to access new knowledge. Whatever their motivation, they also need assistance from competent, empathetic teachers who can value the experience of mature, senior adult learners and guide them in the acquisition of new knowledge and skills.

What are the aims of TAO?

  • To develop a training programme for adult educators
  • To extend professional knowledge and awareness of teachers in the field of digital competences in education
  • To provide educators with practical tools for conducting online classes with learners 50+


The project is a result of international cooperation among educational institutions in Europe with long-term interest in quality training and adult learning: English Unlimited (Poland), edEUcation (United Kingdom) and Wisamar Educational Institute and WBS Training (both from Germany).