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Privacy Policy

of English Unlimited, sp. z o.o. Sopot, Poland, the Coordinator of Erasmus Plus project – TAO – Training Adults Online

When you contact us by e-mail provided on the website of the TAO Erasmus Plus project www.tao.eu.com.pl, you provide us an access to your personal data i.e. your e-mail address. Our website is also using cookies.


The Administrator

The Administrator of your personal data required for any contact related to the Project is English Unlimited sp. z o.o. based in Sopot, Armii Krajowej 73 street, Poland, and the company operates on the territory of the Polish Republic.


Why we collect your personal data and for how long are we going to store it

Your personal data, left on our website, will be used only for contacting you during the duration of the project in order to provide you with important information regarding TAO outcomes or to answer your questions. We collect only the data necessary for project -related aims and we do not process any special categories of personal data. We need your e-mails in order to provide you with access to project outcomes downloadable from the website. We do not profile, transfer or sell your data to anyone.

Your data will be stored in order maintain contact till the end of the project , i.e. till May 31st, 2019.


Your rights

You may request the Administrator of your contact data (English Unlimited sp. z o.o. based in Sopot) to update or remove your details or any parts of your communication with us. We shall do so immediately, unless legal regulations state otherwise. If you decide that our policy and activities are breaching the law, you may file a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Office; the information on how to proceed is available at: administratorRODO@eu.com.pl



Our website www.tao. eu.com.pl is using cookies.

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